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The "Best Known, worst selling, cowboy author on Amazon" since 1998!"
Bob's books are available on Amazon. He will be releasing his first drone based stockmanship video on changing cattle behavior in December. Be sure and watch the teaser and trailer below his books!

Cowboy Romance (of horsesweat and hornflies)

Western Horseman claimed I "mastered the genre" with my first book!

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Million to One Odds (Times five)

As per the title, I may be the only person to have five consecutive wrecks, all within two minutes and live to tell about them!

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From The HOrse's Mouth (Walking a mile in your horse's shoes)

Inspired by people who read but didn't grasp True Unity by Tom Dorrance, this is horsemanship philosophy, written in story form from the perspective of the horses in the stories.  A must read for beginning horses!

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Cowboy Gourmet (Cowboy style gourmet cuisine)

The writing of this book forced upon me by a group of women who thought I could both write, and had a sense of humor. They would show up on the ranch on Friday night and force me to both make up recipes and keep track of what I was doing. So far, no one has died of toe-mane poisoning!

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Hear detection manuel & record book

This handy book lets you know how and when to handle hot cows while heat detecting along with keeping records on 400 cows. The 4x6 inch size fits snugly in your pocket so it won't fall out!

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stockmanship 101 dvd cover


Filmed over five days, on 4,480 acres, the behavior of of 100 head of cattle (which hadn't been handled in over a year) goes from wild to mild. 

This video not only shows you how to gentle hard to handle cattle, but also the procedure to reboot herd instinct to follow regenerative grazing plans.

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Enjoy the teaser and trailer for Bob's drone based stockmanship
video now available on Amazon!


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