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Western Horseman Magazine said that Bob Kinford "Mastered the Genre"
 with his first book, Cowboy Romance
. Availible on Amazon.

From the Horse's Mouth is the book that literally puts the horseman in the horse's shoes to teach horsemanship while laughing at their "two legger" friends! A great book for everyone from beginning horsemen to those wanting to approach things from a more horse friendly perspective! Available on Amazon

Bob's Heat Detection Manual and Record Book is a must for anyone with an artificial insemination program for their cow herd. This manual gives pertinent information on when and how to pen your cattle with the least amount of stress on you and your cattle. The record portion of it is designed to give you more room to legibly record heat and breeding information. Available on Amazon!
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Bob Kinford is his own peer group. Not only is he a cowboy humorist, he is also known internationally as a teacher of low stress cattle handling. He has taught people in the USA, Mexico and Australia how to change the behavior of cattle to allow them to follow high density grazing plans without using cross fences. To learn more about his cattle handling instruction, visit his cattle handling website. If you are interested in Bob entertaining at your event with authentic stories of  cowboy stories which will have your audiences falling out of their chairs laughing, follow this link!


Bob may be the only person alive who can string together five things (each with a million to one odds of ever happening) in less than two minutes. Not only did he manage to do it in the title story of this book, he even had a witness.  Livestock Digest Columnist Lee Pitts wrote the foreword to a Million to One Odds (times five) claims that this book is better than his first! Available on Amazon!

From original recipes such as Thankful Turkey or Orange Pecan Pie, to the section on Combinations (for things to cook when you think you are out of anything to cook) The Gourmet Cowboy is a must for any kitchen. Available on Amazon!