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  Bob Kinford has always been a bit off the beaten path. Known internationally for his stockmanship methods which allow ranchers to conduct regenerative grazing methods without adding fences or full time herders; he is also known for his unique sense of humor. 

All books as well as dvd are available on Amazon with the search inside feature for samples of the stories and recipes. Click on the images below to go to that individual book, or go directly to Bob's Amazon page .

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Stockmanship 101 is a drone based                         Western Horseman claimed  Bob 

dvd. The methods are the ones                                 "mastered the genre" with Cowboy Romance.

Bob uses to reboot herd instinct                                All of the stories are true. Only the names

in cattle so you can use regenerative                         and locations have been changed to protect

grazing techniques without extra                               the guilty.  $14

fencing or full time herding. $35


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More true "concussion induced" stories                From The Horse's Mouth is Bob's answer to people 

from Bob. The title story to                                      had a hard time under standing True Unity by Tom 

A Million to One Odds (times five) is one             Dorrance. Stories of correcting 15 "problem" horses

that could only happen to him. Surviving            told from the horse's point of view. Great for kids, 

not one, but five wrecks (all with at least              beginning horsemen, or those experienced ones

a million to one odds of ever happening)              trying to change their perspective.  $8

into one wreck without getting a scratch!



The Gourmet Cowboy  is not your normal

cowboy cookbook. From Ma's Stolen Taco Meat,

to Orange Pecan Pie, to Superstition Chile or 

Hanging Tree Quiche, Bob's recipes will keep you

well fed and entertained. $14